Loctite 290 Threadlocker


Loctite 290 Threadlocker

Loctite 290 is a liquid medium to high-strength threadlocker designed for the locking and sealing of threaded fasteners. Because of its low viscosity and capillary action the product wicks between engaged threads and eliminates the need for disassembly prior to application. The product can also fill porosities in welds, castings and powdered metal parts.


  • Prevents loosening and leakage from shock & vibration: It wicks into the grooves between the mating threads and cures into a hard thermoset plastic that strengthens the assembly against shocks and seals the threads.
  • Ideal for preventive maintenance as this is a wicking grade product which eliminates the need for disassembling prior to application.
  • Ideal for locking preassembled fasteners, e.g. instrumentation fasteners, electrical connectors and set screws.
  • Low viscosity product: The low viscosity of this product makes it ideal for occupying the tiniest of gaps between the threads so that proper clamp load in maintained.
  • Fluorescent: It has a characteristic green colour that fluoresces under UV light. This helps during service to detect as to whether or not the product had been applied.


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