Loctite 574 Flange Sealant


Loctite 574 Flange Sealant

Loctite 574 seals close-fitting joints between rigid and semi-rigid metal faces and flanges. The nature of Loctite 574 reduces the migration of liquid product after application to the substrate. It has a high oil tolerance and excellent water and glycol resistance.


  • Prevents leakage: It fills all gaps between the mating flange parts and cures into a hard thermoset plastic that fills all surface irregularities providing 100% seal.
  • Ideal for rigid and semi-rigid flanges eg. cast iron components, pump housing, gearbox and engine casing.
  • Adapts to flange surface irregularities and scratches up to 0.25 mm.
  • Eliminates gasket compression set.
  • Reduces inventory cost and complexity as one tube can make many different shapes and sizes of gaskets.
  • Provides resistance to low pressure immediately after seal.
  • Higher strength on contaminated surfaces.
  • Better flexibility and improved adhesion.
  • High performance on passive metals without an activator.
  • Enhanced sealing capability.


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